Volume 1, Number 22                                                                                August 6, 2008
Calendar News
Secretary Wayne Cooper
The following months calendar is delivered the last week of the month. To prevent errors and for scheduling all requested events must be sent to the PLV office in writing, or by e-mail to Include date, and time. If you do not send the information of the event/activity in time it can't make the calendar. All committees need to have your committee meetings on the calendars. Committees fall under the Arizona open meeting law same as board meetings, open to all residents wishing to attend. If a committee plans a committee meeting and it is not on the calendar it should not be held.
Escape The Heat--Why don't you take a refreshing day trip to the Prescott Mountains? On Monday, August 11th at 8:15 a bus will be leaving PLV. The cost is $5.00 & you will receive $10.00 upon arrival . Also there is a very special lunch that day of Prime Rib, Baked Potato, Vegetables & all the extras for only $4.95 (such a deal) Deadline for reservation is Thursday, August 7th. Please call Pat, Dick or Regina Stief 602-404-3915.
If you know someone who is seriously  sick, please call Mary DeSantos this summer, 765-1253 so the Women's Club can sent a card to let them know we care. If you know of a resident who has died, please also call & the Women's & Men's Club will donate food, flowers or a donation to the charity of the family's choice. Let's prove that PLV has heart!
Computer club
David Rhodes
This month (August 8th at 1 PM ) we will have a spirited Q & A session. Many of you have sent the computer club great questions! Questions about Gmail, Google search engine, Incredimail, the free Open Office and many more.
After the Q & A session, we will talk about the Add and Remove option in the Control Panel and the Quick Links toolbar within Internet Explorer.
Elizabeth Neises
The kitchen floor has been replaced and the men's club will be sealing the new floor over the August 1 weekend. The floor should be completed by this week and ready for use. It really looks good, so fresh and clean The saw cutting was done this week and the plumber has been busy putting in the new drains and piping. The electrician began Friday and should be busy for the next couple days. They tell me that the cement work is the next job on the agenda and then they can start studding the walls. The supervisor has stated that everything is on time and we have had a couple of glitches but, nothing monumental. We are still on schedule with the painter for the 27, 28 and 29th and the carpeting for September 3rd and 4th, but we will update as the work progress's. We still need volunteers for 26th to move all the furnit ure onto the dance floor and the 5th to move it all back. Call Wayne Cooper or  Gene Melke if you can help. We are saving $650 by moving the furniture ourselves and the kitchen painting has only cost $150 for paint and supplies because of the volunteer workers. If you can help, please let us know.
Handicap Parking
Secretary Wayne Cooper
A person with a disability and or medical problem needs to park close to their destination. Thanks to a law mandating assigned parking for our  nations handicapped we have space as close to the door as possible. I fully support this assigned parking. Any one without a handicap license on your car or handicap decal will be reported and or your vehicle will be towed. Now for the next part of this story. I see drivers with handicap decals parking in the assign handicap parking spots that have no right to do so. I see relatives parking in the assigned spots because of the decal on their car; however they are not themselves handicapped. This is not the intent of  the state of Arizona issuing the decal for special parking. I see people parking in the assigned parking with the decal but have little no problems walking. This is just abuse of the system. You show no respect for for someone that is handicapped and you are very  disrespectful. If you are in need of handicap parking and have the proper permit you have the right and we have the duty to insure you have parking available. But for you that are abusing that permit I will report you to the proper authorities.
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Citizen's Police Academy
Ever wondered how the Police Department works? What happens when you call the Police? What does it take to become an officer? Citizen's Police Academy is a great way to have your questions answered. You will not be an officer but you will be an informed resident. If you are interested in attending the sessions please let me know of the completion of the application. The Phoenix Police Department offers several sessions of the Citizen Police Academy throughout the year. Classes meet once a week for nine weeks. Classes are held on Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The ninth session of the Academy is graduation. The classes are held at various police facilities within the City of Phoenix. To access the page copy  and paste the link below in your internet browser.  Any questions feel free to contact me.
Shawn Pierce; Neighborhood Specialist (Fight Back); 602-495-0115;
This months meeting will be held on August 13th at 6:30 sharp. This meeting will be a very busy.   We will have a planning session for the fall event, which is related to the G.A.I.N. or Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods.   We will be installing smoke detectors and emergency front door beacons that day and what ever the group wants to do.   This is your opportunity to share with the rest of the group what you think should happen to celebrate the neighborhood. We hope to have the information from SolorKing, Inc., as to what kind and how many lights for the wash area along our North wall and streetlights for PLV.
We hope to have information about purchasing street mounted hydrant locaters.   These markers will be green and headlights shine on them they will reflect a green color. This is just some of the things that we will be talking about.
This Week’s Events            
Thur  7th       7:00pm               Pinochle
Fri     8th       8:00am               Pool Exercise
                      1:00pm              Computer Club
Mon  11th     8;00am               Pool Exercise
          1:00pm              Canasta
                      6:30pm             Fun & Games
Tue   12th      7:00pm               Poker
Wed  13th      8:00am              Pool Exercise                                     
                      1:30pm             Bunco
                      6:30pm              Fight Back
Thurs. 14th     7:00pm             Town Meeting
Update on Lot 113
Carol Garcia, President
In an effort to answer residents' questions regarding the driveway on lot
113, the following is a chronology of events: 
  a.. 01/03/08 - The owners of lot 113 applied for a permit to install a new home.  The permit=2 0application indicated they were going to install a 20 foot wide driveway.  The application did not state the type of material the driveway would be constructed from.
  b.. 01/15/08 - The application for the new construction permit was approved by the Architectural Committee.
  c.. 01/24/08 - With the recommendation of the CC&R Director, the Board voted unanimously to approve the permit.   d.. LATE MARCH - The driveway, made from a composite material of crushed granite and an epoxy sealer, was installed.  Once it became clear the driveway was not constructed from concrete, the CC&R Director and several other Board members contacted the owners of lot 113 to tell them they were not in compliance with PLV's CC&Rs.  They were told by several residents, as well as at least three Board members, that they should apply for a variance.   e.. 04/07/08 - Lot 113 submitted a variance request asking for the Board to approve the driveway constructed from the composite material.  The request was forwarded to the Architectural Committee for their recommendation.
  f.. 04/21/08 - The Architectural Committee returned the request for variance to the Board and recommended it not be approved.  This recommendation was based on some tests that were done to try and determine if the material used would maintain it's integrity.
  g.. 05/12/08 - After some discussion, the Board decided to seek a legal opinion since it had become clear that there could potentially be some legal issues, such as a lawsuit.
  h.. 05/19/08 - The Board received the legal opinion from PLV's counsel and that opinion stated that the driveway did not comply with PLV's CC&Rs.  The legal opinion also stated that our governing documents do not give us the authority to grant a variance for anything other than the height and length of a fence.  Obviously, this was quite a surprise.
  i.. 05/22/08 - The Board meant in Special Session with the owner of lot 113.  The details of that meeting are privileged, but one decision the Board made was not t o demand that the composite driveway be removed and replaced with concrete.  The Board determined that mistakes were made by the Board as well as the resident, and the potential for a costly lawsuit was eminent. The Board did not want to subject PLV to the possibility of very expensive litigation and the potential for no different outcome.

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