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Block Watch


What is Block Watch?  It is a group of people who are an integral component in keeping the neighborhood actively involved in crime prevention.  Our group has grown from 3 active participants to 20 captains and over 15 friends of Block Watch. 

We continuously patrol our community, and we report any suspicious behavior.  We offer community outreach programs to our residents on crime prevention.  We sponsor events where we have featured speakers and/or the police or fire department liaison. 

Some of our block watch captains arrange cul-de-sac parties, so that neighbors get to know each other, along with other sponsored social events.  We also have a team of residents who actively pursue a $10,000 Federal Grant yearly.  This grant is used for safety and crime prevention purposes.  For the last 10 years we have received the grant and used it mostly, to provide street lights in our gated community.

We have 2 residents who have attended an advanced block watch program and are involved with “Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol”. Along with the block watch captains, these residents patrol regularly, document their times, and turn them into their police precinct.  They can assist the officers with directions and traffic control should the need arise.  We are the eyes and ears of our community.




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