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Pickle-Ball is here NOW! The concrete pad was power washed. The court was measured and lined out. The boundary lines taped. The paint was applied and with no accidents like - - Who spilled that bucket of paint? I would like to take this opportunity to thank the PLV Men’s Club members who shared their time and talents in constructing our Pickle-Ball Court . - Bob Hood, Myron Jasmann, Daryl Struiksma, Jerry Scott, Dennis Mowrey. We all need to thank the PLV Men’s Club for their monetary contribution that helped make our newest amenity possible. This project is now complete: - court is lined and painted - net is purchased - paddles and balls purchased. This amenity is open for the enjoyment of all PLV residents and their guests. The game instruction sheet, the net and paddles and balls are in the utility/game room. Please enjoy, have fun and return the game items back to the game room as you found them. Please report any damaged or missing equipment to a Men’s Club member. It is our pleasure to provide this enjoyment for our residents.






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